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RIPPER: The Third Witness LP
VÖ: 30.10.2015
The end of mankind in 2015? Apocalyptic doom, genetic mutations, daunting nightmares, spiritual seekers, dreary addictions, morbid facinations, an entire world again at war? Come now if you dare, and enter the twisted world of Ripper, and their new album 'Third Witness'. Executed with mind numbing metal power, these new dark tales of doom and woe are certain to make you feel that all is indeed lost, and headed for destruction. And, as if that were not enough, the macabre cameo vocal appearence by the legendary Steve Sylvester of Death SS should satisfy your wicked cravings, as these horror metal titans clash, and bring you their own unique version of the Black Sabbath classic 'Sabbath Bloody Sabbath'. Dont miss out, for the end has only begun!
Format: LP | BestellNr.:20828 | Preis: € 15,99
RPWL: A New Dawn lim. DELUXE BOX
Auf 300 Stück limitiertes Boxset!!! Der Konzertfilm „A New Dawn“ erscheint am 14. Juli 2017 und erscheint u.a. als äußerst opulent aufgemachte Limited Collector’s Box. Sie beinhaltet neben DVD, Blu_Ray, 2CD und 2LP zahlreiche Beigaben – darunter das Drehbuch der Aufführung in Freising, ein Poster, und als ganz speziellen Gimmick jeweils eine verschreibungsfreie Befreiungspille der Marke „Veritas Forte“.
Format: CD | BestellNr.:24194 | Preis: € 69,99
RUBY THE HATCHET: Valley of the Snake LP
ab sofort lieferbar
Vinylversion - Gatefold, 180gr. Philadelphia psychedelic doombringers RUBY THE HATCHET are one of heavy music's finest on-the-rise bands.
Format: LP | BestellNr.:19035 | Preis: € 15,99
ab sofort lieferbar
Das neue Studioalbum vom legendären Todd Rundgren Esoteric/Antenna veröffentlichen mit GLOBAL das lang ersehnte, neue Studioalbum des legendären TODD RUNDGREN.
Format: CD | BestellNr.:19428 | Preis: € 9,99
Limitierte Digipack Edition mit Bonus DVD (110 Minuten Spielzeit, NTSC, Region Free) mit Live-Aufnahmen von einem Konzert in der City Winery in New York City
Format: CD | BestellNr.:19427 | Preis: € 17,99
RUSH: A Farewell To Kings 40th Anniversary SUPER DELUXE BOX
On the 1st December Universal continues ist Rush 40th anniversary album celebrations with a lavish new expanded edition of the band's landmark album A FAREWELL TO KINGS. Rush's fifth studio album, was originally released in 1977, and played a major role in establishing Rush as an internationally popular and respected band. A FAREWELL TO KINGS also introduced the trio's first successful radio hit Closer To The Heart," album tracks “A Farewell To Kings,” “Madrigal,” “Cinderella Man,” as well as enduring fan favorites with "Xanadu” and "Cygnus X-1.”
Format: CD | BestellNr.:25057 | Preis: € 119,99
RUSH: ABC 1974 PicLP
ab sofort lieferbar
DELUXE PICTURE DISC VINYL EDITION!!! This rare recording of Rush live at the Agora ballroom, Cleveland in 1974 is now available legitimately for the first time as a limited edition picture disc LP, designed with the collector in mind, will prove a must have item for Rush’s enormous army of fans still fighting the cause well over 40 years into a quite marvellous career.
Format: LP | BestellNr.:23192 | Preis: € 15,99
RUSH: Counterparts 2LP 200g
VÖ: 06.11.2015
RUSH - Die Atlantic-Jahre auf Vinyl. Sechs Studioalben des legendären Trios auf 200 Gramm-Vinyl mit Code für einen High-Definition Download.
Als Bonus enthalten die Alben Counterparts und Test For Echo auf der vierten, freien Seite der LPs eingeätzte Designs, die damit zum ersten Mal erhältlich sind!
Format: LP | BestellNr.:20657 | Preis: € 36,99
RUSH: Ohio 1975 PicLP
ab sofort lieferbar
DELUXE PICTURE DISC VINYL EDITION!!! On April 7th ’75 Rush pulled up at The Agora Ballroom, in Cleveland, Ohio – a venue they had played a year before on their first US Tour, and which, like tonight’s show, had also been the subject of an FM radio broadcast. Playing five cuts from Fly By Night, four from their debut and keeping their favourite cover of the time - Larry Williams’ Bad Boy - in the set, this dynamic performance featuring superb audio sound quality finds Rush at a still early but most ambitious time in the group’s history when it must have seemed, for band and fans alike, that just about anything was possible.
Format: LP | BestellNr.:23193 | Preis: € 15,99
RUSH: Spirit Of The Airwaves 2LP grey
ab sofort lieferbar
This outstanding live broadcast captures a superb gig by Rush during the band s extensive Permanent Waves tour in 1980 at St. Louis Kiel Auditorium - the Permanent Waves album the group were promoting having been released on 1st January that year. DELUXE VINYL EDITION!!!!
Format: LP | BestellNr.:17611 | Preis: € 18,99

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