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BLINDSTONE: The Seventh Cycle Of Eternity
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Mega-awesome 7th new studio disc of outstanding blues-based heavy guitar power trio rock from Denmark. Featuring Martin J. Andersen on guitar & vocals. Easily one of their best/strongest discs to date.
Format: CD | BestellNr.: 23044
Preis: € 15,99
BLINDSTONE: Blues-O-Delic Celebration
VÖ: 24.11.2017
Way-kool 8th studio disc by Blindstone, a mega-awesome heavy guitar rock power trio from Denmark who dig in deep and pay serious musical homage on their outstanding Tribute To The Blues" disc entitled "Blues-O-Delic Celebration". Includes 13 tracks (58 Mins) of excellent, powerful, bad-ass, Blindstone-ized, riffage, mojo & grooves that rock the house down and shine a bright light on their blues/rock musical roots. The "Blues-O-Delic Celebration" disc features a blistering set of way-kool "cover songs" by the following musical blues artists: The Three Kings: BB + Freddie + Albert, ZZ Top, Leslie West, Rocky Hill, Guitar Shorty, The Gales Brothers, Shuggie Otis, Peter Green and Jimi Hendrix. Many of the tracks are obscure and unknown, all landing rock solid killer and make for a truly excellent musical power trio "Blues-O-Delic Celebration".
Format: CD | BestellNr.: 25131
Preis: € 15,99


VÖ: 02.04.2015
The Mega-awesome sixth disc by this mind-blowing heavy guitar power trio from Denmark featuring the incredible Martin J. Andersen on guitar & vocals. 11 tracks of outstanding, brain-damaging, over-the-top, bad-ass, blues-based, retro-sonic, guitar rock awesomeness that weighs heavy on the big, electric power trio jam:factor. Awesome originals and way-kool covers that defy 6-string gravity

Format: CD | BestellNr.:19408 | Preis: € 15,99  

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